Pelhams  pellums    
     peloms  pelliams & KIN


"The English usually spelled it Pelham and it was pronounced with a silent h. Phonetically it can be

spelled many ways. There were also some German and Dutch Pellems [also dePelhams].

Thus I check Pehlem, Pelam,Pelham, Peim, Pelim, Pellam, Pellham, Pellem, Pellim, Pellom, Pellum,

Pelum, even Pillom, Pelhem. However I've resisted the Pu- versious such as Pullum, Pulliam, etc.

Sometimes the enumerator misspelled the name thru hurry or neglect or he may even have been drunk.

Recall in the early period he traveled thru sometimes hostile country on horseback and in poor

weather. So he probably resorted to a bit of rum or grog."

Owen Hardy Pelham Sr

VI Corps Combat Engineers--O’Neal:

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